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Flaunt Your Dresses for Every Occasion

There is something so fun about a dress – when you wear it, you feel like a girl again; it feels like the worries of the world drift away when you twirl around in it or walk around with your hands in your pocket, with not a care in your mind! Given that dresses come in so many lengths, designs, patterns and silhouettes, that you will always feel spoilt for choice. Shree brings to you the most gorgeous dresses for women that you will love and there is quite the chance that you will come looking for one dress, but walk away with many! But there are people who will say that a dress is meant only for casual occasions, to which the fashion gurus would say that with the right type of dress, you can create the perfect look for literally any event.

Here are just some ways in which you can style and flaunt women dresses:

  • For college: Perhaps one of the best choices for a college going girl would be a dress – it will keep her looking absolutely adorable and comfortable, no matter how long the day. Cotton dresses are a great option for those summer days and if you can find a light colour, you can think of adding a denim jacket on top. If the dress does not come with its own belt, you can add a really cool looking belt, which will not only cinch in your waist, but also make the outfit more stylish. Remember to add the right shoes and accessories to complete the look.

  • For a day out with friends: So you are planning an entire day out with your friends – you are going to do some shopping, enjoy a nice lunch and then maybe catch a movie. You will need to look for casual dresses that have been made using a fabric that will keep you feeling comfortable all day long, but not wrinkle or crease too much. Whether you choose to go vibrant or pastel, that is a choice that is totally up to you, but remember to add some really comfortable footwear, so that you can walk around with ease and some really fun accessories!

  • For work: If you know how to style them right, designer dresses are a really cool option for office too! Choose dresses that have really clean lines and straight cuts. Flared dresses are not the ideal choice for office, unless you work in a really creative environment where even your clothes are considered a part of your creative process. Straight fit dresses in solid colours, small prints and basic patterns will prove to be smart choices. Wear some heels that accentuate your height and keep the accessories to the simplest, because you do not want to make your look seem loud.
  • For a small party: When you want that fun, flirty yet stylish and elegant look for a party, you will want to pick a party wear dress that will make you the cynosure of all attention. Fabrics that lend to a richer look such as blended silks or chiffon or georgette are a suitable choice and make sure that you look for prints that have that have an element of the regal. And since it’s a party, you can look for statement pieces for your accessories and make sure that you get ready to rock those high heels!
  • For a festive occasion or wedding: Whether it’s a festive occasion or a wedding, dresses are a great way to go! Shree offers some absolutely incredible looking dresses for wedding as well as other occasions that call for a celebration. Fabrics that are truly regal and prints and patterns that add to that – silks and georgettes are a wonderful choice for such events and any traditional prints will work. Or if you want to stand out in the crowd, you can look for dresses with geometric or abstract prints and patterns.

There is literally no occasion where you can’t wear a dress and not look perfect! Come to Shree and you will get to see the most incredible collection of new look dresses that are created for the woman who understands fashion and does not want to compromise on style or comfort.

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