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Office Wear Tunics Styles You Can Adopt And Adapt

There is a definite benefit for the office going Indian woman – she has so many options when it comes to formal wear and outfits that would be considered suitable for the office. You can drape a saree and you will look elegant and classy; you can wear a long top for women paired with some leggings and a really stylish dupatta and of course you can wear the quintessential Western wear formal outfits such as button down shirts and trousers.

If you are building a wardrobe that is suitable for work, then we at ByShree are here for you – we have some incredible looking clothes that will make you the centre of all attention and ensure that you look your stylish best, every single day! When you are looking for clothes that will be suitable for office, you need to make sure that you keep a few things in mind:

  • Look for colours that are suitable for a formal atmosphere – while fuchsia is ok as a splash of colour to your outfit, you might not be looked at kindly when the entire outfit is that colour.
  • Choose prints and patterns that are not too loud – a little bold once in a while is ok, but you can’t be constantly wearing very large prints on a regular basis.
  • Unless you are newly married or are celebrating a special occasion or festival at work, ethnic wear for women with fabrics such as silk might not be the best bet for office. Same goes for heavy embroidery or similar work; a little is fine, too much is not a great idea.

A wonderful addition to your workwear wardrobe would be tunic tops – these are the perfect combination of formal, casual and just a dash of playful. And what is even better about tunics is that you can wear them in so many different ways – make them playful when you want and truly formal when you want. Here are just some of the ways in which you can use the tunic to create formal looks that will look great for office:

  • One of the easiest way to create a formal look is to choose a block coloured tunic and pair it with some really well tailored formal pants. You could look at tunics that have a pintuck pattern in the front, because they add a certain charm without being too loud. You can even add a formal jacket to this look, especially if you have opted for a full sleeve tunic.

  • If you have chosen a short tunic or short kurta for women, then you can also consider teaming it with really cool and classy flared pants. Bootcut style pants are totally trending these days and will work quite well with a short kurta; if you are willing to play around with your look a little, you could half tuck the tunic into your trousers and add a chunky belt. This will give you a formal look, with just a bit of fun added to it!
  • In the same stream of flared pants also come culottes – similar to flared pants or palazzos, these stop a little higher than your ankle and are a really good choice for office. You can add any tunic tops of the shorter variety to create an interesting look. With culottes, you can match sleeveless tunics, because they look a lot more interesting. Do remember to add some interesting and strappy looking heels to complete the look.
  • When you want to create that truly formal look with tunic style kurta for girls, choose to team with leggings (you can look at ones that stop at the ankle or are longer, more on the lines of a churidar). Should you go for a more traditional looking tunic, you could even jazz up the look with a really nice scarf or stole too. Remember to add some ethnic looking accessories, including bangles and Indian style footwear.

  • And then there is the every favourite combination with a pair of really well fitting jeans – this is the perfect semi-formal look that will work great for Fridays or those emergency meetings on the weekend. If you want to create a look that takes you from the Saturday afternoon meeting to an evening out with your friends, right after, looking for trendy tunic tops that have an element of fun to them!

At ByShree, you will be able to find the most incredible collection of Indian dresses that will make your wardrobe the envy of all!

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