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Styling The A-Line Kurti – Here Are 5 Ways To Do It

There are some forms of clothes that will never go out of style – the saree is the eternal favourite for all occasions traditional, even for the modern Indian woman, because she knows that there is no outfit more traditional than the saree. Then there is the lehenga, which is the perfect choice for weddings and celebrations at a grand scale. But it is probably the humble kurtis that have remained the constant favourite, simply because there is absolutely so many ways to style them – most would not believe that, but the truth is that no matter what the occasion, you can use a kurti and create a look that is just right!

Here are just some ways that you can shop from the Shree a line kurtis collection and create so many looks that you might find your own self a little surprised!

For a casual day out – So, you have a busy day out, running around town, getting all the errands done and you really don’t have time to fiddle around with your outfit. However, you also don’t want to have to compromise on style – no matter how much of a hurry you are in, you obviously have to look great! Georgette kurtis are a really good choice for such times, because they will not wrinkle or crumple and no matter how long in the day you wear them, you and the kurti will look great! Team it with a pair of really well fitting jeans, add a pair of sneakers or flats and you are ready to take on the world!

For college – If you are a college goer, then our a line kurtis collection will perhaps your best friends - casual kurtis will work with a range of options that are ideal for college. You pair them with a pair of jeans and you are set for a long day of running from class to class; team the same kurti with a skirt and you will be able to swish and sway at the inter-college event. You can pair the same kurti with some easy fitting palazzos and a long day at the library will feel a lot more comfortable and kurtis with leggings are also a good option for those who want to keep it slightly traditional. And since its college, feel free to play around with your accessories – a funky headband or a long multilayer chain or even a statement sling bag – it all goes!

For office - The professional in you wants to look the part, every single day, but the fashion conscious woman who also lives within you wants to look classy, elegant and sophisticated. At Shree, you can find plenty of formal kurtis that you can team up with a pair of formal trousers or pants and you will look ready to break the glass ceiling. Do remember to accessorise right – when you are going for work, you need to choose your extras with care. With a block coloured kurti, you can take the chance of pairing slightly chunky neckpieces or earrings, but if you are picking a printed or patterned kurti, it would be best to use simple jewellery or even no jewellery.  

For a party – Who says that you can’t wear a kurti to a party? Check out our gorgeous a line kurtis collection and we are pretty sure that you will find more than one option that meets your exact need. As a matter of fact, we have several party wear kurtis that will make you look like the star that you are. Pick something that is elaborate and team it with something that is a little understated – how about a kurti with embroidery work or sleeves that are a lot more flamboyant. Then, choose the perfect bottom wear to team it up with – skirts, sharara and cigarette pants will all work a charm with these glamourous kurtis and when you have the matching accessories and a snazzy pair of heels to go with it, you are ready to paint the town red, green and every shade on the colour wheel!          

For a wedding – Now there are those who will deny with a certain level of aggression that a kurti is not meant for a wedding, but should they take one look at our fancy kurtis collection, they will come to know how wrong they are. These are designed to make you look like the epitome of glamour and they will provide you with a chance to show off your own fashion formulas too. Team a stylish kurti with a shimmery skirt or palazzos and suddenly the humble kurti has taken on a glamourous avatar. Add a dupatta to the outfit and you now have an outfit that is ready for the snazziest wedding in town. And don’t forget those gorgeous heels that you recently picked up too!

At Shree, our a line kurtis collection has been created to add an element of wow to your wardrobe, and given that our collections are ever growing, we now for sure that you will always find a little something new and unique!

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